A partner is many things, your family who supports your time afield, your hunting buddy that drops from his stand early to help you drag a deer, the landowner who lets you hunt their land, the lab that will sprint across an iced over corn field after a lone bird, the Conservation Department for their sincere focus on improving this state's natural resources - the list goes on and on.

Most commonly forgot though is the great folks who make careers out of improving the equipment we use in the field, the volunteer organizations who spend endless hours donating time and money for the further good of their cause and the folks who provide further opportunity to get in the field by managing land and game on our behalf.

This page is a tribute to the HeartlandHunters partners; each logo below represents an organization, a manufacturer or website that has impacted our lives in some fashion. We hope you'll take a few minutes to visit their websites so they can likewise impact yours.