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Name: Chris Sellers
Hometown: Columbia, Il
Hunting Specialty: Predators


I've been called a hunter, a conservationist, and an outdoorsman. I've been described as passionate, slightly obsessive and hardcore. I am also a husband and a father of two beautiful children. I began small game hunting as a child with my grandfather. Today I still hunt with my grandfather as well as my wife and my children.

I hunt for the thrill, the challenge and to experience the beauty of nature. I have seen wildlife interact and have seen nature in ways that many will never experience. I've hunted in rain and snow, heat and ice. Been humbled by bears and charged by hogs. There have been many good shots and a few missed shots. From close range archery to long range rifle, it’s the experience that I'm after. It is the hunt and the pursuit of wild game that I enjoy. While a trophy class animal is a bonus the truth is each and every animal that I have ever taken is a trophy to me.

I have hunted or fished in Ontario,  AZ, NE, MO, IL, AR, KS, OK, KY and CO. I have pursued Elk, Black Bear, Turkey, Predators, Small game, Upland birds, Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer. I provide funds for improvement of lands and wildlife. I improve wildlife habitat and introduce youngsters to the outdoors. I support and practice ethical hunting and fair chase hunting for all game species. I am passionate about my family and the outdoors. I am a conservationist …I am hardcore. I am.. A Hunter!


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