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I recently had the opportunity to do some deep sea fishing off the coast of Aruba. As I researched the different guide services I recalled the only other time I had been deep sea fishing: over a decade ago on my honeymoon. From the Mayan Riviera in Mexico I had decided to go for as little money as conceivably possible. I can't recal what I paid but the type of trip was what I remembered. The boat was rented out to 8 of us- all strangers. We took turns being strapped in to the chair for 15 minute at a time. If you were the lucky guy that was in the chair when a fish was hooked- he was your's to reel in.



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Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Fall 2013
Volume 5 Issue 4 Fall 2013 The Waiting Game
Steve Bemke - HH Pro Staff   It was day two of our Wyoming pronghorn archery hunt. Rain had soaked the prairies during the weeks prior to our...

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Summer 2013 Newsletter Summer 2013 Newsletter
Volume 5 Issue 2 Summer 2013 A Yukon Hunt to Remember
John Gibbs - HH Pro Staff With over 200 big game animals harvested, I still didn’t have a moose.  I wanted a big moose which meant...

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Spring 2013 Newsletter Spring 2013 Newsletter
Volume 5 Issue 2 Spring 2013  Snow Days
By Mark Casper, Heartland Hunters Pro Staff The excitement had been...

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Winter 2012 Newsletter Winter 2012 Newsletter
Volume 4 Number 1 Winter 2012 To Tech or Not to Tech?
Ben Scofield- Heartland Hunters Pro Staff That is a question on the mind of many hunters. For every hunter asking his or herself this question,...
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