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By Steve Bemke
Heartland Hunters Pro Staff

One common debate or question that comes up a lot is; do I run-and-gun, or set up a blind, and stay put? Is one method better at killing turkeys than the other? I’ll do my best to break it down. I want to preface that in the examples to follow, we’re assuming that we are hunting an area that we know turkeys inhabit; whether from pre-season scouting, roosting and locating the night before or hunting the same land that’s been handed down for generations.


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 What the Hunt - See your state's hunting seasons at a glance, orgainzed by date or by game! Have you ever been turned around on your state's website while trying to find out what you can hunt on a certain day but find that the site is organized according to species instead of date? We've turned that on its head and allow you to select your date and we'll show you what is available to hunt that day.


Where the Hunt - is the first ever, all inclusive, public cooperative hunting app that is designed by hunters for hunters. The precious time we have to spend in the woods never seems to be enough, so in order to enahnce your time and make the most of your hunt, we designed Where the Hunt!

 Southern Boyz Outdoors

Check out the new iPhone and Android App for our friends at Southern Boyz Outdoors. This App has it all: Weather and wind direction from your exact location or from the location of your stand, Spot management for tracking your honey holes, mapping with blood tracking, a trophy room and more! To get yours today, just search iTunes or Google Play for Southern Boyz Outdoors (don't forget the Z in BoyZ)!


By Ben Scofield
Heartland Hunters Pro Staff

There is a hunting season that most of us don't know about. Some of us do, but still feel that the risk is just too great and the prey too dangerous. OK, OK... with the big picture of a mushroom next to these words- there's no point in belaboring the intro. Yes, we're talking about mushroom hunting!  If you're like 99% of the people who avoid mushroom hunting then it's because you're worried about potentially killing your friends and family. And if you're worried about killing your friends and family, I've got good news for you: Not only are you not a psychopath but you're also in a good position to start  mushroom hunting! Why? Because it's the cocky and unworried folks that get sick (or worse) when it comes to mushroom hunting.Read more...


By Dwayne Norton
Heartland Hunters Pro Staff

It seems that all of us are trying to accomplish more in less time…work, take care of things around the house, spend time with family and yes, spend time in the deer stand. Owning my own business one would think that I can make time to hunt whenever I want…unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case. So when I get that chance to hunt, I often like to hunt my favorite stands, but only if the wind is right.

Scent control is one aspect of bowhunting I focus a lot of attention on. My hunting clothes are always stored in airtight containers, I continuously spray down with scent killer and never wear “street” clothes to the woods.  Read more... 


By Brett Grimm
Heartland Hunters Pro Staff

I remember watching a Turkey Hunting Video at a young age; I set my eyes on this glorious Tom strutting across my TV screen. But, this bird was different than the turkeys I was used to seeing in Missouri, he had all these beautiful white tips on his fan complimented by a sun drenched mountain back drop when all of a sudden, BANG! An elated hunter jumped up as he harvested, in my opinion, the most beautiful Turkey I had seen. I was told those turkeys only live out West, and later, found out were called Merriam’s. It was an image and dream that I would carry in my mind until now.Read more...

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