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Heartland Hunters is proud to offer the next app in our suite of hunting apps: Where the Hunt



Where the Hunt is the first ever, all inclusive, public cooperative hunting app that is designed by hunters for hunters. The precious time we have to spend in the woods never seems to be enough, so in order to enhance your time and make the most of your hunt, we designed Where the Hunt. It will help you maximize the use of your time by not only eliminating unforeseen problems, but, enhance your ability to hunt where you need to be! All of this while increasing your safety and overall awareness in the woods! When you download this app, the ability to access and share information with other hunters is invaluable in almost all hunting scenarios!


Remember, the more people that are using it, the more helpful it can be! Here are some of the many potential uses of this app:


  •  Public Land Hunting? You have been in your stand for nearly an hour and the sun has just peaked over the horizon, it is officially shooting light. You hear the distinctive sound of the crunching of leaves. You think to yourself, is this that wall hanger buck you have trail camera pictures of? NO!! It is another hunter stumbling in on your location. Why you ask? Well, he did not know anyone was there! Check in on “Where the Hunt” so others know your location and keep them from walking up on your hunting spot in the middle of your hunt!

  • Know before you go! Ever drive an hour to some public hunting ground only to find the parking lot looks like a pickup truck convention? Then, as you are racing down the highway in the other direction trying to salvage a morning hunt, you think to yourself, “I knew I should have gone to that other spot!” With “Where the Hunt” you will know before you go and avoid the crowded areas and be able to maximize your hunt on land without all the pressure!

    Or before you pack all your gear and quietly walk all the way back to the stand on the South 40, only to find someone has already beat you to it! With “Where the Hunt” you can see if your hunting spot is occupied before you even step out of the truck and make adjustments accordingly!

  • Private Land Hunting? Do you belong to a Hunting Club or share a lease? Use “Where the Hunt” to know where others are hunting on your Property or Lease and they will know where you are! Plus, you have the added safety factor of knowing where others are in your hunting area.

  • Safety! You never know when something can happen while you are in the woods. Your loved ones will know your exact location to get to you in case of emergency. Have your loved ones download this app, show them where your marker will be and in case of an emergency they'll have an additional tool to help them locate you. Check-in on “Where the Hunt” it could just save your life!!!

  • Scouting! Can’t hunt until this weekend? Well with “Where the Hunt” you can see who is hunting where all week long, so you can decide what is the best location for you during your upcoming hunt! And, let’s be honest, it is just fun to spy on people sometimes!

  • Duck Hunting on a River or Lake? Ever get all set up in the dark of night only to discover in the daylight that there is a group set up way to close? They start sky blasting your ducks, and having them flare off? Not with “Where the Hunt” users can avoid other hunters by simply Checking in!


Apps are a super helpful tool while out in the field and sometimes are just a nice way to keep your life organized and stress free. Where the Hunt will help you to make good, well informed decisions on, not only your hunting, but EVERYBODY'S hunting. Be sure to promote Where the Hunt because the more people using it, the more useful of a tool it can be! A $0.99 investment can aid you in having the hunt of a lifetime!


For those concerned with Privacy, please note that your GPS coordinates never leave your phone. All the handling of GPS coordinates is done with 128 bit encryption and only the encrypted data ever leaves your phone. 


Mobile Platforms


Where the Hunt is avilable on Android and iPhone Mobile Phones:




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